In celebration of Edward Lear's 208th birthday, we decided to refresh his outstandingly silly "Alphabet Poem" like never before. Our goal was to capture Lear's childlike wonder and playful spirit in an engaging and surprising reading experience–beautiful vintage illustrations come to life as you interact with them, Lear's words literally bounce with excitement as you read along, and a charming "illuminated"-style alphabet makes for an enchanting escapade through the imagination of Edward Lear.
Navigate through the poem in alphabetical order, or view the Letter Menu to peruse the pages in any order you choose. Mouse/tap over the text to watch it jump as you read along, or mouse/tap around the illustrations to find surprise animations dancing in the background. But more than anything, have fun, make memories (especially with children, for whom the poem was originally written), and try not to get tongue-tied while reading aloud!